A complete line of products with antibacterial protection born from the collaboration with Microban®

Antibacterial protection


Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

100% recyclable

Neither Bisphenols nor Melamine

Freezer safe

Food contact safe

Discover the Sanaliving collection

The collection offers safe items with antibacterial protection.
A line of products with unique performances and always faithful to OMADA®️ values made of 100% recyclable plastic, without melamine and without bisphenols.

Long-lasting efficacy

Microban®️ Silvershield™ technology ️ is applied during the production process and integrated into the plastic material, thus remaining effective for the entire life cycle of the product: it does not disperse with washing and is an effective protection against those microbes that can cause spoilage of food.

The Microban® Silvershield™ technology

When bacteria come into contact with the Microban®️ Silvershield™ surface, the technology integrated into the material devitalizes their biological functions thus stopping their proliferation.

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Discover the Sanaliving collection.