Pull Box is an innovative and patented food container.

Leak Proof

Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Freshness Safe

Food Contact Safe

100% Recyclable

An exceptional recognition

The Pull Box line has been awarded the Red Dot of the Red Dot Design Award [2022].

Its features have been instrumental in one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of Product Design.


Patented hermetic closure


With one hand the lever is raised and the container is opened.


By pressing the lid, the lever closes by itself.


It opens and closes tightly with a click.

100% Leak proof

The hermetic seal of Pull Box is guaranteed by a European patented closing system and the presence of a gasket that conforms to the container, keeping it firmly sealed even if it were to tilt.

This is reason why Pull Box is a practical and functional container, easily transportable even in bags or backpacks, where, not always, it is possible to guarantee the container a perfectly horizontal positioning.

Visible content

Practicality is the winning card for anyone who lives the house and the kitchen on a daily basis. Pull Box is specially designed for those who have no time to waste and want to have everything in order and under control, without sacrificing beauty and design.

Pull Box combines aesthetics and functionality in a perfect blend: the transparent lid is essential for immediate recognition of the content while, from a design point of view, it lightens the stage presence.

Refrigerate in style

In a fridge, the things that matter are the order and ease of identifying the food. Pull Box can offer both.

The square design allows to occupy all the available space and the transparent lid facilitates the recognition of the food inside without having to open the container.

Take it wherever you want, use it whenever you want

More and more often a quick but healthy meal is preferred, perhaps brought from home, to one prepared without knowing where the food comes from.

At work, where you have little time, or when you are away from home, but you do not want to give up your eating habits, Pull Box becomes important to safely transport salads, quick first courses or fruit.

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