OMADA® is the brand of durable plastic household items characterized by design, the use of innovative technologies and refined eco-sustainable materials.

100% Made in Italy

Design & Innovation

100% Recyclable Products

Premium Brand

A continuous study on materials and design

OMADA®️ has always studied the properties and innovations of materials, looking for and finding new and winning applications, also bringing a material to the extreme of its technical and expressive potential. The increasing attention to the environment has also favored research in the field of innovative materials, the unprecedented properties of these new materials allow the development of new objects and new languages.

100% Made in Italy products

The production of OMADA®️ brand housewares takes place entirely at our factory in Castelfidardo in The Marches region. And when we say entirely, we mean it seriously: from conception, through design to construction and packaging, there is no phase that is not being realized at our production plant. We are thus able to guarantee not only a 100% Made in Italy product, but also compliance with high labor and environmental standards.

Always being by the nature side

Care for the environment is our guiding principle, which is why all excess plastic from the production department and non-compliant pieces are collected and recycled for the production of other products. All with a view to buying as little plastic as possible and minimizing the ecological impact.

From the concept to the final product


From the product concept we move on to CAD design and photographic renderings.


We proceed with the design and construction of the molds and the injection molding of the product.


The injection molded product is finished and assembled to be then shipped to over 50 foreign markets.

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