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OMADA® is the brand of plastic household items strongly characterized by color, attractive design and the use of innovative technologies by ADAMO srl. Over forty years of experience and passion for plastics projected towards the continuous progress of the products and the satisfaction of the most disparate needs.

The strengths of OMADA® products

100% Made in Italy

100% Recyclable Products

Design & Innovation

Premium Brand


Being “green” means understanding the bond we have with the world around us: a fragile and powerful nature, to take care of. In line with the most current environmental trends, OMADA® offers its line made of post-consumer recycled plastics: even the most attentive consumer to environmental issues can benefit from a product that is safe for his health and respectful of Nature.

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Is it still possible to rethink or innovate a simple object for the home? After centuries of development, is there still something to be done? Absolutely yes. Quality design is a synthesis of technique, costs, materials, function, use, taste and sustainability. We believe that the best objects communicate their essence in a form that appears natural and simple. Objects that seem to be the result of a spontaneous creation, but which instead are the result of a rigorous and precise research. OMADA® is “the creative factory”, from conception to production, strictly Made in Italy.

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Our housewares are designed with customer needs in mind for a hygienic product capable of storing food safely. The continuous research work on materials has led us to develop the Sanaliving collection which, thanks to the use of innovative technology, boasts unique antibacterial properties.

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